Understanding oil recommendations for diesel generators

Understanding oil recommendations for diesel generators

A generator needs oil from time to time to improve its performance. But as far as oil is concerned, it is very important that only high quality and premium engine oil should be used in the best diesel generators. The oil should also be in the right viscosity for the distinctive operating temperature order of the generator to offer optimal engine service. When adding oil to your generator, you should never mix different brands or grades of oil. This is the fastest way of damaging your generator. The oil level on your generator should be checked every day. If the generator has been performing throughout the day, check the oil level after every 10 hours.

It is important that this oil level should be kept nearly full and overfilling should be avoided. Overfilling can cause engine shutdown and foaming. Since the cummins onan diesel generator has an oil filter, make sure to change the filter when changing the oil. Because it is important to check oil level, you should never check this level when the machine is running. When a generator is running, the oil usually heats up. This oil can easily jump out of dipstick hole and can burn anybody it falls to.

As noted, you must always ensure that you use quality oil in your diesel onan generator. Depending on the type of generator you are using, the user manual will come with oil recommendations for that type of generator. However, you must always ensure that the engine oil you use meets API performance. The API performance has many categories and these include CJ-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4 and CF. CJ-4 is the highest quality on the market. But make sure that the engine oil you use in your generator meets any of the above performance categories. You should never use synthetic oil in your generator, especially during your warranty period.

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